Sulfur Breakers

Air injection sulfur breakers

Air injection sulfur breakers

Does your water smell like rotten eggs? Are you embarrassed to have company because of the odor? Are you tired of taking a shower in stinky water? If so, a Sulfur Breakers could solve your problems! This type of smell is typical of high levels of sulfur. Though similar to hardness which a softener removes, a high level of sulfur requires different treatment.

Like the Iron breakers, the air-injection Sulfur Breakers has changed sulfur frustrations forever with its chemical-free* technology and low maintenance! This filter removes sulfur through a natural oxidation process and is uniquely effective in managing heavy sulfur. Not only is this good news for showers, it also helps protect pipes from black oxidation caused by sulfur water. This system is designed to last. All components are removable and replaceable should maintenance be needed.

*In very severe cases of excessive sulfur a chemical feed pump may need to be added in addition to the sulfur breaker.

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